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Research Paper On Cancer Pdf

Although it is often taught that the DNA mutations that 8|STUDY OF CANCER flead to cancer happen at random, research suggests there are epigenetic triggers that may increase prevalence of DNA damage. 6, Prevention Steps: DNA is vital for cell function and the body has mechanisms by which it protects DNA from being damaged.

  • Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. These contrast with benign tumors, which do not spread. Possible signs a

  • Cancer

  • 1946: NCI-identified cancer research areas include biology, chemotherapy, epidemiology, and pathology. 1948: Divisions within NCI and external institutions are identified to conduct research (Zubrod, 1984). Folic acid antagonists are found to be effective against childhood acute leukemia (Farber et al., 1948).

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